Saturday, September 5, 2009

savannah made a purse- by savvy

Two day's ago I made a purse. I used a cotton scarf and i just sewed around 3 sides and then used the handles. My mom bought the handle at a grage sale and i just got some fabrike and sewed it
Note by Mom-
Savannah came up with this project and sewed this project 99% by herself (She even threaded the machine on her own and came and got me to check it). After she had sewn it she came to me and asked me to help her with making some handles- I wasn't feeling very well, so I found her some handles in my closet and she did the rest. It didn't take her very long since the scarf already had finished edges. Congrats to you Savvy!


  1. Wow Sav, I'm impressed! I was so amazed when your mom told me you'd threaded the machine by yourself. You catch on pretty quick.

  2. That purse is beautiful, Savannah! I can't believe you came up with the idea and did it all by yourself! My mom learned to sew when she was your age (remember Sister Nye in Pittsburgh?) You must be watching your mom very closely - good job! I can't wait to see more projects from you. By the way, Uncle Andrew and I love your new haircut!