Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Girl's dress coat

So a few weeks ago after I got my serger back from the repair center I was itching to do some sewing/serging, so I picked this project.
I used Burda pattern number 9596 and this was coat B. Since this was my first coat attempt I was nervous to use fabric that was pricey, so I picked this fabric up at a garage sale for $1. I really thought it was super cute, but it was not easy to work with. It frayed very easily, was difficult to line up the nap, and it had some to stretch to it. I'm not even sure what this material is called! However I did think the end result turned out nice.
I lined the coat with a pink flannel that I had picked up at Joann fabrics for $1.50 yd, and it took 1 5/8 yd of this fabric. I thought it would give the coat a little extra warmth, and I bought the "made by" tag from Joann's. I thought it was a nice touch.
I really wanted to do pink buttons, however I was unable to locate any that would work for this coat. My mom found these buttons in her stash, and I liked the way they looked. After working on this fabric I opted to not sew buttonholes- I kind of thought they'd look a mess, so the buttons are ornamental and I used large snaps to keep the coat closed.
Here is the fit on Miss Savvy. She is so excited about it and loved that it had pockets. I liked that it cost me less than $5. Coming soon...... a coordinating scarf.


  1. Super cute! I want one - if only I had the talent and patience it requires.

  2. You are awesome. I just love the coat! So glad I can see all the wonderful things you are working on. I'm hoping this will get me motivated :)

  3. Super Cute! You are always so creative!