Friday, November 13, 2009

Applique bag for rag quilt letters

Well I finished my rag quilt letters and I decided in an attempt to keep them all together I'd better get some type of bag to keep them in. And this is what I came up with.

The bag was one I pulled out of my laundry room (one of 3- I figured we could manage without it). It is a nice mesh bag and bonus- already has a zipper.

To customize the bag I ripped the side seams and added the fabric swatch with the applique "L is for Lydia". I used the block letters from my lettering software called "Creative Keepsakes". It also had the little face image and I gave her a bow. For the wording "is for" I printed it in reverse, taped it to the back of the fabric, and sewed it using a very thin width and narrow zigzag stitch (almost the button hole width).

I then made a pink fleece pom pom zipper pull secured with embroidery floss to add a little fun.

A quick easy (see through) bag to keep all those letters contained.

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  1. I bet your smart little cookie just loves that! You are such and incredibly thoughtful mom :)