Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peanut- the "wee" elephant

I'm sure you're thinking didn't you just do a "wee" stuffed animal, and the answer is yes. But they are from 2 different sources, and it just turned out that they both called them "wee". This elephant came from the book "Last minute Patchwork + quilted gifts" by Joelle Hoverson. My sister Kelsi had made 3 of these elephants for my girls a couple of years ago and they love them. Since Abram's bedspread has cute little elephants all over it I decided I would make him one for Christmas. It will look perfect in his little crib.

I used a blue gingham fabric to coordinate with his quilt.

For the blanket I used a denim fabric and the only change I made to it was by adding the fringe around the edge.

I think the braided yarn tail is such a cute touch in this pattern.


  1. Cute mommy! it is my favorite color!

  2. I love how your elephant turned out! Sooooo much better than mine. I hope his sisters aren't jealous :) I just checked that book out at the library. I really need to just buy it. There are way too many great ideas in it!