Monday, December 21, 2009

A cute snowman

A lady from my church dropped these cute little snowmen of at my home for my girls. I thought they were darling and have decided to duplicate them and share them with you. If I find out where she got her idea I will come back and link it for you.
To start with for each snowman you need:
-1 pack starburst
-paper cut 3.5 x 6.5
-red felt cut 2 x 4
-small googly eyes
-orange foam sheet (or felt)
-small pompoms
-string (or yarn)
-hot glue gun
First take your white paper and wrap the Starburst like a present.

Then hot glue your red felt around the top.

Tie a string (or yarn) around the felt to make it look more like a hat.

Time to glue your small googly eyes and carrot nose (from felt or foam). Just use a black marker to make the dots for the mouth.

Then just tie a ribbon in a knot around the neck and hot glue 3 small pom poms down the front for buttons. Then you're done! We made a bunch today to give to cousins :)

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