Monday, February 22, 2010

For the Boys

Over at MADE Dana has been "celebrating the boy" for the whole month of February. This inspired me to make a few boy things as well.

First I made a pair of pants for our little Mister.
I used a really great tutorial here - I just had to adjust the pattern down to a 1 year old size (it is in a size 3). I used fabric I had in my closet. The stripe fabric is a linen and I'm not sure what the other is called, but it looks just like khaki pants material.

Maybe the back pocket is a touch big, but oh well.

I really liked the cuffs. They were a nice touch.

So if you have a little guy, give this pattern a try. It was not difficult, but super cute.
Then I made a blessing outfit for my soon to be born nephew. My little sister is expecting a little guy here in a couple of weeks. I was glad she chose out the same pattern I made for my little guy, it made things a little easier for me.

I used McCall pattern 3063. And honestly, I just used what I had in my fabric closet (there is a lot in there believe me). Not exactly sure what the stuff is called, but hey it looked good.

I hope my little sister likes it!

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