Friday, February 12, 2010


From the title I'm sure you can guess what I've been up to. Yes, indeed lots and lots of ruffles. My inspiration the "can can skirt". And once I started I knew I had to do 3 skirts. In the pattern she uses cotton fabric for the main portion and non-fray chiffon for the ruffles. I decided to use only fabrics I have on hand, so I used a red satin for the main skirt and a chiffon with sparkles for the ruffles. It did fray, so I just cut it, and did a rolled hem on the edges before I ruffled it. If you have the non-fray, it would definitely save you some serious time. My skirts were a little more formal, but I think perfect for Valentines day!

Once I made the skirts, I realized they needed a top to go with them, so I used a very generic shirt pattern and made them each a shirt. I used a cream knit that I had on hand and just appliqued on a heart and added the ruffles on the sleeves.

My girls were excited to wear them to school the other day, for their Valentine's parties. Lydia dumped rootbeer on hers 2 hours later, I washed it (and I was amazed at how well it washed on the gentle cycle). By evening she had cut 2 holes in the shirt :/. Darn it, I thought reinforcing her to only cut paper with the "kids scissors" would be effective. I was wrong......

Now Savannah is telling all her friends, that "I" will make them each one.

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  1. so adorable, i love the can-can skirts and hope to make one someday!