Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine Skirt and Top

It's sunny today...perfect for a photo shoot! So we changed into the special outfit, snapped some pics and then hurried inside to change back into play-clothes so we could run around outside. This is about the extent of a photo shoot with a toddler. I realize the pictures look a little strange with her head cropped off, but I don't want her sweet face on the internet.

I found a white t-shirt on clearance at Target and this is where the project began. The black and white taffeta worked perfectly with the red (it's felt...wish I could've used something more fitting for the taffeta, but I was determined to use only what I had on hand). I eyeballed the skirt as I cut it out (should've made it longer in the back to allow for the diaper. Oh well, next time). I cut a strip of red felt and stitched a gathering line down the middle. Gathered it to the ruffle I wanted, and sewed it along the bottom skirt hemline.

The shirt is similar to several "tuxedo" styles I've seen across "blogland". I simply cut a u-shaped piece of felt and stitched it right to the top of the collar line in front. Then I sewed a ruffle to match the skirt and stitched it around the "u". I added a couple black buttons, stitched a ruffle around the collar, and called it good. The collar stretched quite a bit, but shrunk up a little in the wash.
Since you can't see her hair-clip in this picture, I took a separate close-up to show you the details. Super simple folks. Two felt hearts with a small snap-clip inside. I cut a small slit on the back heart to allow the metal part to stick out. Then I stitched around the edges.

Did you notice the customized, matching doll she's hugging? If you missed the post about the doll, click here. After all, what little girl doesn't want a doll that looks like them!


  1. that is so stinkin adorable!!!

  2. Okay- It turned out adorable, and the coordinating doll outfit is the icing on the cake!